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Thread: A She-Wolf?

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    A She-Wolf name for a girl?

    We always intended to honour both our maternal grandfathers when naming our children,
    as they played such a great part in our upbringing.

    So, when our first son was born he was named
    William Arthur after my husband's grandfather.

    Our potential second son would have been a
    Benjamin Wolf after my grandfather.

    Two girls later Eleanor Lillian and Penelope Eloise and we just found out that number 4 will be a girl as well, with no more children planned.

    At first, I buried the idea of Wolf and just picked some 'pretty' names,
    but now I wonder.

    There are girl names that mean 'Wolf', like:

    Orfilia (which supposedly is of German origin, but seems to be more popular with Latin-Americans)
    Ylva (Scandinavian for she-wolf)
    Ylwen (which I cannot seem to find anywhere online, but apparently means wolf-girl???? Can anyone verify that?)

    Too far out there, or a great idea?
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    I say just use Wolf. If you want stick an e on the end of it to make it a bit more feminine: Wolfe I posted a while back because I crushed on Wolf for a girl after using it in a BNG. I think where it would not work as a first name, using it as a middle name to honour a loved family member would be A-Okay - at least in my book anyway. Other less brash ideas: Adalwolfa: Feminine form of German Adalwolf, meaning "noble wolf." Adolpha: Feminine form of Latin Adolphus, meaning "noble wolf." Agwang : African Luo name meaning "wolf." Daciana : Romanian name derived from Roman Dacia, the name for the region that is today Moldova and Romania. According to Strabo, the Dacians were originally known as the daoi, from Phrygian daos, meaning "wolf." It is interesting to note, too, that daoi is the Gaelic word for a "wicked man." Guadalupe : From the name of a town in western Spain, from Arabic wādī al-lubb, meaning "river of the wolf." Lupa : Latin name meaning "she-wolf." Lupe : Short form of Spanish Guadalupe ("river of the wolf"), meaning "wolf." Lupita : Diminutive form of Spanish Lupe ("wolf"), meaning "little wolf." Otsana : Basque name meaning "she-wolf." Otsanda: Variant spelling of Basque Otsana, meaning "she-wolf." Ralphina : Feminine form of English Ralph, meaning "wise wolf." Ulrica : Feminine form of Middle English Ulric, meaning "wolf power." Compare with another form of Ulrica. Ulva: Swedish form of Icelandic Úlfa, meaning "wolf." Velvelva : Feminine form of Yiddish Velvel, meaning "wolf." Hope that's helped a bit.
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    I like Wolfe as an alternative option. I think most of the other options that mean wolf are "harder" sounding and not pretty anyway and by the time you move away from just Wolf it might be a waste. Lupita from the poster above is my exception to this. I love your other names and I hope you get to honour your grandfather.

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    I really like Lupe. I have also heard a definition of Tala that means wolf but Tala is one of those girls' names that's used in a number of cultures, with unrelated meanings.

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    I think Susi means wolf in Finnish, and is quite a nice name. Another option is a variant of adolpha, as mentioned above: Dolphina/Dolphine/Dolfina.
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