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    What do you think of my name list?

    It's my first baby and i'm super excited! I find out in a week what the gender is. We have picked out a boy name Carter David...but we can't seem to agree on girl names. We want something more modern but i'm not sure some of the sound right with the last name. Tell me what you think!
    briley ann hagan
    camryn nicole hagan
    kinzley ann hagan
    kinley ann hagan
    rylin ann hagan
    blayke coralie hagan
    karsyn ann hagan
    rowan nicole hagan
    zoey nicole hagan
    kaylee ann hagan
    baylee ann hagan

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    I see all of these as being super trendy/popular/kre8tiv names, unfortunately. Rowan and Zoey (prefer Zoe) are good, solid names. A lot of these could be nice if spelled right, such as Blake, Bailey and Cameron. I see no need to turn them into kre8tiv spellings. (please vote!)

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    I would go with Rowan.. But a different middle.
    The rest are very very tryndee and spelled awfully

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    I think Blake Coralie Hagan is by far your best option. Blake is one of my most favourite unisex names but spelt Blayke it loses all of its spunk and becomes an eyesore. I beg of you to spell the names correctly.

    blayke coralie hagan - Blake Coralie Hagan
    rowan nicole hagan - Rowan Nicole Hagan
    zoey nicole hagan - Zoe Nicole Hagan
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    Your boy's option Carter David is a nice strong name.

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