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    I just don't like that it is a synonym for man or boy. It seems too generic. Although I LOVE Guy Pearce!
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    Part of my mind likes Guy. It seems hip, unexpected and very European. But that's the part of my mind that can get past the 'some dude' noun usage and see it as a name. I don't think it would actually work well in real life, at least here in the U.S. where we say, "Hey, guys!" all the time.
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    I used to know a teenage Guy, and everyone he introduced himself to thought he was kidding when he told them his name. Naming your son Guy is like naming him Dude. There was a time when Guy worked as a name, but that time has passed.

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    Who'd name their kid that? There's no way a guy named Guy can go on to have a successful career.
    Here comes President Guy Smith! Nope.
    Almost as bad a name as Mitt, while I'm on the subject of presidency... Or rather, non-presidency.

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