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    Impression of Guy

    What are your impressions of the name Guy?

    cool, stuffy, plain, silly, dumb, hip, modern, old, handsome, etc.
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    Guy Fawkes... Honestly, it's quite a blah name on it's own, and I'd worry it would be a bit too easy to make fun of. However, I think it could be a great mn to another, name... especially a classic, vintagey one...
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    I love Guy! It seems cool and unexpected to me.
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    javad Guest
    My impression of Guy is 'some dude'.
    For me, it'd be like naming a girl 'Gal'.
    I think it'd be okay in the MN position, but still a bit blah.

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    My husband loves Guy, but I just can't get on board with it. Guy Fawkes, Guy Smiley, Guy Noir... not to mention all the obnoxious "Hey, guy"-style jokes he'd inevitably tire of. It's one of those names that I love the look of, and I even like the sound of, but I just can't do because of the noun/name thing.

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