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Thread: Honoring Laney?

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    How about Lane?? I prefer Laine (for family reasons) but it is pronounced the same. GL

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    Thanks, ladies! I do like Lena, Helena, and Milena (especially Lena!). My only concern is that I say Helena as Helen-ah and Lena as LEE-nah, so I'm not sure how much those really honor her? Lane could be an option as a MN, but something like Charlotte Lane sounds more like a street than a name to me. I think I might actually like Lane more for a boy, too.

    Her name is actually Delaney, which I find incredibly sweet, but I just don't see it fitting in well with the rest of my list. Something like Rachel Delaney just doesn't seem to be "me", really. Which is why I was looking for other options. Maybe I could use Elena as a MN (in a way, it also honors my sister, as it's a variant of her mn), but I'm afraid that'd rule out Elena in the long run.
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    Magdalena maybe? It's the only one I can think of that hasn't been named.

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    I see Eleni in your signature, and I think that would work perfectly!
    I like the suggestion of asking Laney her favorite names, too.
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