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Thread: Input Please!

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    Input Please!

    Expecting Baby #4...We are not finding out boy or girl, but looking for suggestions that go with Ella, Olivia, and Addison...Any suggestions?? Input?? Thanks!!

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    I would stick with another name that is top 20 or 50 in popularity.

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    Megan was my first thought, but then i thought Maggie! Maggie brings it back to cute nick name for a name, like Ella. Olivia and Addison both have longer names, Ella and Maggie could both have nick namey names. Plus Maggie is just so cute. I feel like it works well on an adult as well. There is an adult Maggie on the Walking Dead, and there was one on Growing Pains as well.
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    Ella, Olivia, Addison, and Maggie would be darling.
    Ella, Olivia, Addison, and Nora make a lot of sense.
    Ella, Olivia, Addison, and Zoe/y do too!
    Ella, Olivia, Addison, and Hannah.
    Ella, Olivia, Addison, and Gabrielle.
    Ella, Olivia, Addison, and Isabelle.

    My favorites are Nora and Zoe/y!
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