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    I like Harlow as the best match with your boys names, which are wonderful BTW! I love Austen and Sutton also but think you will find that the sex mix up will happen.

    I also thought of the following:

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    hi Sarah.

    first of all your boys have great names.

    I think Sutton could really work well for a girl. I happen to know a Sutton and I would not worry about if not being feminine enough. there is also a Tv show with a girl named Sutton.

    I love Aucoin, I think the Meaning is so great!

    other names

    Reese Aucoin
    Kiernan Aucoin
    Shiloh Aucoin

    I personally love Nova Aucoin and I think it could really work for you. \

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    I love Sutton! Sutton Aucoin has a nice ring to it

    If you lean towards preppy names I think there is a tendency for girls preppy names to often feel unisex, but that's part of their charm.
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    Thank you all so much for your wonderful suggestions! I read DH all of your responses and we have been throwing around some more ideas.

    I think we have nixed Charlotte, while it is such a beautiful name I think the popularity of it has ruined it for me Caroline is a real contender right now (DH is pushing hard for it lol) but I still hesitate because I just searched my FB last night and had 7 friends with that name. I think I am only considering it because it is a timeless classic but Wyatt's rise in popularity has been a source of contention for me and I just don't know if I can handle 2 common names lol.

    I still love Sutton and I like hearing many of you like it as well. I do worry about it sounding masculine but then some of the prettiest little girls I know hold names like Collins, etc and I honestly find them precious.

    I will say some of you suggested some cute names belonging to children of close friends... we see a Poppy, Aston, Piper, Harper, Reese, Sawyer, Penelope, etc on a regular basis (we live in Seattle right now so that adds another group of naming styles) so I think it makes it even harder that we have such creative friends lol.

    Thank you again. I will be sure to update once we reach a decision... I can't believe this is so hard!!

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    Also, what are feelings on the 4 name route for little girls? I was thinking Sutton Jane Aucoin sounds really nice with our last name but is that too much?

    Another option we were throwing around last night is Caroline with a masculine middle name... almost sounding like a maiden name in the middle? I would give her mine but it is a little harsh? If we use Caroline (which would be essentially naming her after my MIL even though ODS already carries my husbands male family name) than I would really love the middle name to come from my side. If only my awesome mom wasn't Jennifer lol. My mom's maiden name is Hester, which is awful and my Grandmother's maiden name was Barnes, which isn't as bad. This might end up being more difficult than I thought... Caroline is actually a hard name to pair.

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