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    The perfect girl name... Help please:)

    Hi All!

    I am a new poster here but have been browsing off and on since I got pregnant with our second almost 4 years ago. I am currently pregnant with our fourth child and we have our anatomy scan Thursday morning. In the past we have always had a super short list of both boy and girl names and were able to decide on a name by that night to make an "announcement" but this time we are having a much harder time.

    Here is the hard part, we have 3 boys already and a clear naming style. I also feel this HUGE amount of pressure when it comes to a girl name because this is almost definitely our last baby and if a girl, she will be our only. I already have a short list of boy names and am not really worried about picking one (we are gravitating towards Jay, Emerson, Remington, and a couple others... I even like William which is a big family name but more popular than I would normally go.) but am having a really hard time even coming close to a girl's name.

    Here is what we have so far...

    Charlotte Aucoin (pronounced O-Quinn surname of family friend that is important to us... When we married we always said we would give it to a daughter and honestly I would use it for a first if it was easily pronounced upon reading). My biggest issue with Charlotte is popularity, which is a big issue.

    Austen (paired with a classic like Elizabeth or even Grace to give it more femininity... I love Jane but can't use that for obvious reasons)- I love this because I am an avid reader and Jane Austen has been my favorite since middle school but I worry it sounds too masculine next to 3 brothers.

    Sutton Jane- This was our name pick when I was pregnant with my third but again I worry about it not being feminine enough. We have talked about calling her by both names if used.

    Eve- DH really likes this one but I am not sure. While I recognize it is simple, beautiful, and classic I worry that it isn't very stunning. I get lovely compliments on my boys names all the time and I would want the same for my daughter. I also worry it is too close to the other 3 Ava's that will be in her class.

    Harlow- new to the list. Both DH and I like the way it sounds but I worry it is too trendy and while when I found it, I had no idea Nicole Richie had made it popular, I would not want it to seem like I named my daughter after a celebrity... especially one I don't even like

    I would love any suggestions or directions in which to search.

    Our sons names are Paul Wyatt (goes by Wyatt. He is named after DH and while I love the name, I hate the popularity rise), Sterling Asher, and Briggs Wilder.

    We are southern and I prefer names to sound a bit preppy. We have utilized the family names we like from the past 3-4 generations, so I am running out of ideas.

    Our last name is 2 syllables and starts with an "M" so I consider most "M" names out. It also ends with a "Y" (EE sound) so unfortunately all cute names/nn's ending with that sound are out (I really do like Hattie, Lottie, Elsie, Waverly, etc but they sound awful). I would also prefer not to repeat an initial but I am not opposed if it is the "perfect name".

    Sorry this was so long... TIA for any help!


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    Here are some other thoughts on the names you listed above

    Jane -- have you considered using this as a first? It is still an underused classic.
    Harlowe - I have a per se adverse reaction to copycat celebrity baby names. This name will be akin to Brittany or Tiffany 20 years from now. I prefer Marlo/Marlowe or even Harper, which although also trendy at least has literary roots (and would be a good preppy southern name, actually)
    Sutton - Don't mind but would get mistaken for a boy's name frequently, if you are concerned about that. Same for Austen. Sloane is another in this same vain that has recently grown on me
    Charlotte -- This will be this generation's Jennifer or Sophia. Which is fine, unless the specter of that bothers you. I prefer Caroline or Catherine or Claire or Clara. Or even Scarlett or Violet
    Eve - I like this one and seems stylish while not overly popular. Evie is a cute nickname

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    Sarah, your boy's names are so handsome! I can see why you are having trouble.
    I agree that some of them don't sound feminine enough next to 2 brothers.
    Austen might work as a mn instead.
    Elinor - you could call her Nora instead of Ellie
    Linden - it is a boy's name, but I love it for a girl

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    Thank you. I agree about Harlow, my initial like of it has slowly waned over the last 24 hours because the "tiffany" names are the ones I want to strictly avoid (ie I actually like Olivia, Sophia, and Isabella but would never consider them). I don't like Harper (or any of it's sister names, Harley, Haley, Hadley, etc...) and know 3 different people who have named their daughters that this year. I initially thought of Harlow as old hollywood glam when I saw it but have sadly realized it is trendy.

    It is funny you should mention Sloane, because that has also been on my short list. Honestly, the boy name confusion is our only hesitation with those names.

    I like Caroline, but I grew up with at least 5+. Very popular in the region of the country we are from and it is DH's mom's middle name. DH and I also like Catherine and Claire, but I also know quite a few of both. I think this is my issue, these are the types of names that we like but they feel popular to me. I realize they aren't necessarily popular among this generation but they were among mine. I think this very reason is why we are having such a hard time.

    I like both Eve and Jane but they don't necessarily speak to me, if that makes sense?

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