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    Aaron Guy vs. David Guy

    Hi, we are having our first baby a boy. We only want two kids so if we have two boys we like David and Aaron. DH want’s to name a son after his brother, whose name is Guy. So which is best? PS Guy doesn’t change, it’s not that bad of a middle name! thanks for the help!

    He also wants to name a son after his Father but I'm not having two sons named after his side of the family especially when David is DH's middle name and David will be named after his dad. How do I handle this?

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    What's your father-in-law's name? Maybe you could do some kind of mashup and kill three birds with one stone. :-b
    David leaves me a bit cold, but *Davy Guy* is just scrumptious to me. Are there any versions of David you could get behind?
    I suggest Daveth Guy nn Davy.

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    I prefer Aaron simply because it is not quite as common as David. I would like to see Aaron used more. It's one of those names that sounds great on any age.

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    I prefer Aaron, unless your surname begins or ends with an N... then it would be David. Arran is a cool (and completely legit) version of Aaron...
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    I really love David!! Aaron is nice, but isn't as masculine as David.

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