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    Harlow with Tucker

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    To be honest, I'm not keen on any.

    I have relatives who used to live in a town in England called Harlow, and it was a really rough place (hence why they moved!), so I only think of that place.
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    My choices would be Harlow or Sawyer.

    Harlow – With Harlow, I actually prefer Marlowe, it is a little softer and removes the 'harlot' association I get from Harlow.
    Saylor – I prefer Saylor spelt Sailor, I'd hate to have to explain Saylor with a 'y' all my life.
    Campbell – I'm not a big fan of Campbell, reminds me of soup.
    Sawyer – I actually quite like this. Sassy, unisex occupational name. I'm not sure if you worry about sibsets being too similar though, Sawyer and Tucker with their 'er' endings are quite similar, so if the sibset thing bothers you, then maybe go with Harlow.

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    Hmmm hard to choose I do love Sailor and Swayer but with the same .er ending in Tucker is something I wouldn't like. If it dosnt bother you either is nice. Campbell is a name of a dodgy suburb in Sydney and sounds like a boys name to me.

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    I LOVE Harlow! Such a pretty name.

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