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  • Jon Hollis

    7 6.54%
  • Brennan Hayes

    19 17.76%
  • Maddox Joseph

    13 12.15%
  • Grant Henry

    48 44.86%
  • Hayes Beckett

    20 18.69%
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    Quote Originally Posted by jolynne28 View Post
    Kyemsma, Graham is by far one of my favorite boy names!!! I tried desperately to get hubby to come around, but it has been nixed from the start...but this post makes me want to fight for it again!
    Go for it, girl! (I also love Grant, by the way!)

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    I agree with some of the others with Graham as an option in place of Grant. Same kind of feel, but i prefer Graham

    Have you considered using 2 middle names if you want to honor both your hubby & dad?

    Graham Jon
    Graham Joseph
    Graham Joseph Jon
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    Thanks for all the input everyone. Saracita, I do like Grey a lot, but it is our nephew's middle name. And my husband has a friend they call Griff, I believe his last name is Griffith, so I don't think he would go for that either. I agree with the double names, we definitely don't want to sound like we are straight out of Deliverance. But I do feel like it has a nice sound to it, and we could always just call him Hollis if Jon Hollis doesn't sit right. I know that name is very gender neutral, with probably more people on nameberry associating it with girls, but I just really like it.

    Ha! I need to get around to posting a girl thread just in case, but we definitely have some work to do there just to narrow it down!

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    ****UPDATE**** Our little man came 3 weeks early on June 15th, and I just wanted to update everyone on our final decision...Owen Joseph! Haha I know it wasn't even in my poll, but once we got to meet him and started talking about names it fit him perfectly! So don't worry berries, once they arrive it will all work out and you will find the perfect name!! Thanks to everyone for your help, and congrats on your little ones!

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