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  • Jon Hollis

    7 6.54%
  • Brennan Hayes

    19 17.76%
  • Maddox Joseph

    13 12.15%
  • Grant Henry

    48 44.86%
  • Hayes Beckett

    20 18.69%
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    34 weeks & still can't agree! Didn't know it would be this hard!!!

    ****UPDATE**** Our little man came 3 weeks early on June 15th, and I just wanted to update everyone on our final decision...Owen Joseph! Haha I know it wasn't even in my poll, but once we got to meet him and started talking about names it fit him perfectly! So don't worry berries, once they arrive it will all work out and you will find the perfect name!! Thanks to everyone for your help, and congrats on your little ones!

    Hi everyone, I have been checking out this site since we found out we were pregnant in late October, and have really loved reading your posts. My husband and I have yet to agree on a name, and I worry that one of us will be disappointed in the end if we just feel ok about whatever name we pick. Neither of us hate the other's names, we just don't love them.

    Please let me know which of these names you prefer, and I am also totally open to any suggestions you may have! Our last name is pronounced eye-oh, so that sort of eliminates names with strong vowel sounds at the beginning or end...yeah I loved Leo until I realized how terrible it would sound with our last name!

    My husband is Jonathan and goes by Jon, so I would like to call the baby by his first and middle name if we go with Jon Hollis. He's not sold on that idea yet.

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    I like the flow of Brennan Hayes and Maddox Joseph.

    Maddox gets a bad rap on here because Angelina Jolie popularized it, but it's not a made up name. And maybe because it has an x? it has been deemed trendy. But I love the sound of it, and the way it rolls off the tongue. It's like a longer, more substantial Max to me.

    Anyway... those are my votes!
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    Brennan Hayes is awesome, but I like Jon Hollis and Maddox Joseph too.
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    I love Brennan Hayes, it's such a handsome name!
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    I actually prefer your middle name choices. I love Hollis, Joseph, Henry and Beckett. I voted for Grant, but I think Hollis Grant or Henry Joseph would be awesome.
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