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    Thanks for the responses!

    @tintri I agree it is such a great name.

    @loisvs They are Nathaniel, Miles, Theodora, Finley and Mae.

    We just really like Theodore because it crosses off things in a name we both like. It isn't a family name but I am starting to have doubts about it because of the similarities.

    Easton is a boy, I agree about the difference in styles but between me and my husbands tastes we just want to find a name we both like.

    @isabellemarie Thanks I agree too.

    @thatkathryngirl I think we might be leaning towards a different name just because of how similar it is.
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    Since Theodora is in the middle, Theodore is fine as a first name. If Theodora were the first name, then absolutely not. Theodore Marshall is very handsome.

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