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    Bee in the middle?

    Do you think the middle name Bee would be suitable for a boy? It would honor a grandfather whose middle name began with B without using the actual name which he despised greatly. He was a beekeeper as well and that's part of the influence behind Bee.

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    It could work I like the meaning behind it, it's really sweet.

    My cousin has a similar middle name, his name is Lucas Bean. He's 15 and he actually likes it! His facebook status's make me laugh, he posts 'Sleepy Bean' when he's tired, 'Bored Bean' when hes bored, ect ect..

    Anyway, I think Bee could work

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    I like it. Especially if it has a special meaning to you. When he's older tell him the meaning behind it.

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    I'm glad the response so far has been a positive one. Thank you!

    I'm really looking forward to other opinions.

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    I love Bee! I also love bees, I worked as a beekeeper for a while, it's something I've been thinking of going back to. Bees are amazing, strong, fascinating little creatures. Incredibly civilized, intelligent and sensitive. I say go for it! But please use a no confusion first name, as Bee could be both male and female.
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