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    Question Which is best with Matvey Alexander?

    Here are the boys names that I like... Do you think they go well with Matvey? What would the nicknames be? Is it too Russian?

    Lana or Lena which do you prefer?
    Amity- I like it but am unsure if it is too unique
    Delia- Reminds me of deli meat... but its cute
    Anastasia- A very long name for a little girl.... I do like the nn Ana
    Kira - Is kiera ( the irish version) popular?
    Karina- i dont like the nn kari... are there other options?
    Elizaveta- I really like this and my mom is Elizabeth which would make a nice way to honour her.. plus the nn Eta is very cute! but tooooo russian???
    Evelina- Will this blend in with all the Ava's? Lina is a cute nn!
    Odette- What is she is Odd??? too much teasing potential?
    Odessa- same as abover but with cute nn Dessa!

    I really appreciate all the help!

    Any new suggestions are greatly appreciated too! I only have 4 weeks left and Matvey was almost 2 weeks early so who knows how long I really have!!

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