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    Exclamation Which will go best with DS Matvey Alexander??

    Thanks so very much for all of your suggestions!

    Here are the boys names that I like... Do you think they go well with Matvey? What would the nicknames be? Is it too Russian?

    Anton- No nickanmes???
    Nicolai - I worry with the nn Nick he will just blend in
    Roman- Too modern?
    Gavril- Will this cause too many pronunciation issues?
    Lev or Liev which is better?
    Pavel- To russian?
    Leo- To common?
    Edmon - Will people just think I misspelled Edmond?
    Jerome - I know this isnt Russian but Dh actually suggested it and I kind of like it.. Does it go with Matvey?

    I really appreciate all the help!

    Any new suggestions are greatly appreciated too! I only have 4 weeks left and Matvey was almost 2 weeks early so who knows how long I really have!!

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    Anyone have an opinion??? (please!)

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    Anton -- I really like Anton and don't think it needs to have any nicknames
    Nicolai - LOVE this name! Nickname Nico would solve the Nick problem (and anyway I don't think Nick is very popular right now)
    Roman- Just sort of feel meh about this name -- don't really like or dislike it
    Gavril- I really like this name with Matvey
    Lev or Liev -- I like both of these names, but prefer Liev
    Pavel- I think this is so cute, especially with Matvey
    Leo- Love Leo, but yes it is pretty popular right now
    Edmon - I think with Matvey people will realize that this is the correct spelling. This is a very good fit with Matvey, probably my favorite (you use the nickname Maty, right? Maty and Edy are cute!)
    Jerome - Interesting but seems out of place compared to the other names. However, I think the most important thing is to love the names you choose, so if you both really like it, then go for it!
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    I personally would go with Nikolai, Pavel, or Lev/Liev. They have just enough Russian flare to match your other son's name.
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    Of your list, I like:

    Nikolai - the suggestion of Nico as a nn is great.
    Gavril - Perfect sib to Matvey
    Liev - Love this name

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