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    Laura's a beautiful classic name, and it's also one of the names that I have never seen on a mean person. All the Lauras I've met are sweet and really nice.

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    I love the name Laura! Not a bad name at all. As for nicknames: how about Lu, Lula, Lulu, Lore, or Lolie, or Lolly? Good luck!
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    I agree with everyone else-- Laura is a classic. Petrarch wrote sonnets about a Laura in the 1300s. To me it feels elegant and unassuming in a good way.
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    I am a Laura, so I'm definitely biased but I LOVE my name, I'm Laura Kate, growing up I was called Laurz, lolz, lolly, lola.

    Your daughter has a name she cam grow with and I personally think it's an amazing name
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    Laura is a lovely name. If you feel like you need to change it, and I am not sure I would at this point... You could do something similar like Laurel or Alaura/Alora.
    The most important thing though,IMO, is that you dont let her know you have a problem with the name. Laura is a name she can grow into and she will never have a problem with. It has a lovely sound and being a classic name I cant see why she would ever have a problem with it.

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