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    Names that rhyme with Laura - Nora, Cora and Flora - are coming back into style. Laura may seem a little dated, but at the same time, Laura is a classic and beautiful name. Nothing I can say will make you love a name you've felt is wrong for 4 years, but there is nothing wrong with the name Laura. You probably don't get a lot of compliments because it is such a well known and familiar choice.

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    I just saw Laura on the blog. How neat!

    One of my dearest friends is named Laura Elizabeth--classic, elegant, and she wears it so well. It's a good name, a solid choice, and flows really beautifully. Names don't have to be groundbreaking, exciting, or just-perfectly-ahead-of-the-trends-enough-to-be-extra-cool-but-not-weird-by-the-standards-of-people-you-like.

    I love the name Laura. I call my friend Laure (Lor) from time to time. L and Lo and Laurie would also work for me.

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    I want to chime in and point out that the people who aren't complimenting your name choice are probably the same ones who have or will name their daughters Olivia, Sophia, Arabella, Jaiden, and other super popular or trendy choices. Since Laura doesn't fall into that category, I'm sure many young people don't know what to make of it.
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    I think Laura is a very pretty name, very classic IMO.
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    Laura is very pretty. I love the Little House series, and I think the Laura Ingalls Wilder association helps Laura feel timeless.

    I have a cousin named Laura, and it fits her perfectly. We call my cousin things like Laura Lu, Lulu, etc... maybe a nickname would help?

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