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    I still regret my daughter's name -- 4 years later

    My 4 year old daughter is named Laura. It was a compromise name, one of the few that my husband and I both liked. I knew even before I agreed to it that it was not particularly hip and some would think it was dated. There were several "cooler" names that I liked better, but would not work for one reason or another. My daughter definitely seems to like her name, but I still kind of cringe when I say it, and she is almost never complimented on her name, which probably bothers me the most.

    So, not sure what my question is, as we certainly are not going to change it at this point, and honestly that was never really an option. And, I have yet to find a nickname that ever really stuck. So, I guess I am just looking for reassurance that Laura is not as bad of a name that I have come to believe it is

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