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    I ADORE Laura. There is the wonderful Laura Ingalls Wilder association. Plus, it is such a sweet, sophisticated, timeless name. I can think of nothing negative about this name and would gladly use it on my child. I would much rather have a classic like this than something cool or trendy. To me, Laura will stand out much more than the 1000 Ava's and Emma's.

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    Well... My name is Laura, so I might be biased, but I think it's a classic. It's much more like Catherine and Elizabeth than Jennifer and Kimberly to me. Deep down, I've always been satisfied with my name, even though I've always wished that I had an exciting middle name to make it a bit more interesting. I didn't get many compliments on it, but honestly I'd much rather get complemented on my personality than on my name. I was never teased about it and I could always get cups and pencils with my name on them, so I was happy about that! Coming from a Laura, there's nothing to be worried about at all. Laura is a nice name, and it has never brought me anything but happiness.

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    As someone with a yoonique name that has become somewhat trendy in the years since my mom picked it in the 1970s, I can say that the kinds of compliments you get about a name are not always welcome. When someone admires the spelling of my name, I'm always thinking "Why didn't my mother just spell it normally?" I'd much rather have a classic name like Laura that wears well in a professional setting.

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    Well, since it's my mother's name, I have a love for it But I do agree with PP... Laura is a classic, beautiful name. I believe someone called it the "little black dress of names" and I completely concur. It will serve her well throughout her life. The more time I spend on NB the easier it is to believe you need to have the spectacular, one-of-a-kind name that no one has ever heard before, ever. The reality is a name like Laura is much more realistic for the real world while not becoming yet another Olivia. I find it to be beautiful and refreshing on a little girl.

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    I really like Laura too!

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