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    Hazel- If you keep coming back to this one, then you should probably use it?
    Imogen- It does grow with age, but do you LOVE it?
    Primrose- If you don't like the rose part, don't use it
    Cara- I like Cara
    Aria- Aria is one of my favorites
    Harriet- This isn't one of my favorites..but, sounds good with brother Sam.

    Aria is my favorite from your list. However, I don't think it goes well with brother Sam?

    I like the pp suggestion of Imogen Hazel together too.
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    Sam & Hazel would make adorable siblings! It doesn't seem old lady to me at all, it's right on trend. That's my favorite from your list. I love Aria too, but Sam & Aria aren't quite as stunning together.

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    I love Cara with brother Sam. Cara seems so joyful and carefree to me. Although I like some of your other names (Imogen in particular) they seem a little formal or proper next to Sam.
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    Ohh, so Drawen to Imogen!
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    I really like Hazel and Imogen. You have a great list of names!

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