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    Names needed for two kittens!

    Hey berries!

    So we've just adopted two kittens - one is white, and one is sort of white-tortoiseshell, if that makes any sense. They're both girls. After the white one ran away thrice in two days, I started calling her Wanderlust, and the tortoiseshell Calico, but my family thinks Wanderlust is a bit too long, and that Calico sounds kind of masculine (I have no idea where that came from). Any ideas? And sorry I couldn't give you more info. I don't mind 'people' names for animals, and I don't mind animal ones either.

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    I like Wanderlust & Calico! If it suits their personalities I say go for it... or shorten them down to Wanda & Callie?
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    I really like Wanderlust, I think Calico is a bit overused for Cats (but it's still nice ).
    Here are some suggestions:
    Fern, Winter, Pepper, Kitty, Misty, Flossie

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    Wanderlust --> Artemis (travelers prayed to the goddess for good weather and safe travels) or pp's suggestion of Wanda. Or if you want to keep the "W", maybe Willow or Waverly.
    Calico --> Cassia, Calypso, Cosette
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    calico is kinda contradictory, because it is actually a "type" of domestic short hair cat characterized by having patches of orange, black and white fur. (often confused with tortoise shell type cats that have the orange kind of blended in with the black and some random white in the fur.

    instead of calico...maybe...Vixie? Minx? Fox?

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