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    Found out it's a girl: things just got real up in here.

    We found out on Friday we are having a girl. Dh has been grumpy - not about the girl part - just in general. It's hard to tell who's the pregnant one around here. So... I'm not talking names with him at the moment. And thoughts or ideas would be wonderful!

    Here's where things are list-wise. I would love any feedback. We are still in the adding-on stage. Our last name is one syllable, which makes some things difficult.

    Sparrow - Love it with our last name, it has alliteration, yet softens our last name. I love the sound of it. This is the most out-there name we like, so we obviously realize not everyone's going to love it like we do.

    Coraline - I really like the -line ending, but I'm not in love with the Cora part. I don't like Caroline. I love the literary connection.

    Emmeline - Brings in the -line ending, and I do have a soft spot for Emma, which is insanely popular. I don't know if Emmeline will get lost amongst the Emma's and wonder if she will naturally end up with the nn Emma. I wonder if it's too safe for me.

    Clementine - -ine ending is wonderful. I love the nn Clem or even Emmie or Cleo. Probably the #2 "out-there" name on our list (from our friends and family perspective).

    January - love it, dislike the nn option of Jan. Definitely unusual, for better or worse.

    June - My #1 selection, except I don't like it with our 1-syll last name. A front-runner for a mn. I've toyed with Juniper, and it just doesn't sit right with me. Something about it I don't like

    Rosemary - I'm on the fence with this one. It gets 2 family names in there, is vintagey-stylish, but maybe too stuffy for me. I like the nn Rory and Remy. Rosemary Ruth is a combo I like (all family names)

    Ella - A family name, could make a great double name with June, but oh-so popular. El- names in general feel a little tired to me. Which is why Eliza (a long time favorite) is almost off the list. Ella June or Ella Kate - these would likely be double names since that's how my family does it. Dh thinks it's a little "country" but that's what he married into, so I don't know why he's surprised.

    Eliza - Also a family name (see Ella). Maybe Eliza June or Eliza Kate or Eliza Ruth. These could either be double names or just fn/mn.

    Other names floating around:

    DH has suggested: Veronica, Vivian, and Genevieve. None of which I really like. Surprisingly doesn't really like Everly, but clearly has a thing for Vs. I do love Virginia, but since we live here, it's a too weird.

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    Congratulations on having a girl!!

    Sparrow - I like this name, but I always like to apply the 'resume rule.' Would this look professional on a resume? Would you take someone with this name seriously?

    Coraline - I really like this name! I wish that we could use it! But, I have 2 friends using Caroline already..

    Emmeline - I obviously like this name as you can see in my signature

    Clementine -I like this, but it reminds me of oranges??

    January - reminds me of January Jones..sorry?

    June - Pretty

    Rosemary - I prefer Rosalie

    Ella - I like this one, but maybe as a nn for a longer name?

    Eliza - I like this one.

    Other names floating around:
    Hazel - like it okay
    Maribelle - meh
    Camellia -- I prefer Camille or Camilla
    Betsey --not my favorite
    Everly --- I love this name and if our surname didn't end in a Y I would probably consider it!
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    From your list, I love June (despite the 1-1 syllable pattern) and Eliza (despite that popular El- beginning). The others are great too, but I think that both Eliza and June would be best despite the age - I can picture a June of Eliza at 1, 17, 40 or 90, for instance. Oh! Rosemary is lovely as well.

    From your maybe list, I really like Hazel. Betsey too, but probably only as a nickname.

    Suggestions for you:

    Maisie (as a nickname or even a stand-alone)

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    Sparrow- Too out there for me, and I could only see this fitting one kind of girl: thin, light, and beautiful. I couldn't see this on an overweight, plain, or awkward girl.

    Coraline - I do like this, although I don't like Cora much (bad connection). I also like Eveline (which has a literary connection via James Joyce).

    Emmeline - I plan to name a daughter Emiliana (a name I've loved since my childhood), but I've resigned myself to the fact that she'll be in a sea of Em-'s. I kinda view Emmeline in the same way. I'd also misspell her name as Emmaline.

    Clementine - This is quite hickish/ red neck to me, due to the song "Oh My Darlin', Clementine".

    January -I would love this, but once again, I have a bad connection. This is another name that I could only see on a young, pretty, somewhat rebellious girl...

    June - I love this, but not with a 1 syllable name. I do LOVE Juniper... so cute.

    Rosemary - Rosemary is wonderful... for me, I think of the smell and taste of rosemary... just lovely.

    Ella - This one is just overdone for me.

    Eliza - Not wonderful, but I do like Eliza June...

    Other names floating around:
    Hazel- definitely growing on me.
    Maribelle- Quite cute, although trendy due to the -belle ending.
    Camellia- It's quite nice, but I think many people would mistake it for Camella.
    Betsey- I like it as a nn for Elizabeth.
    Everly- I would think that the kid meant Beverley.

    I LOVE Veronica, Vivian, and Genevieve. My tops from your list are Rosemary, Coraline, June, and Hazel.
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    I like:
    June- like but maybe you could do Junia to fit better with your last name
    Rosemary- love it!
    Eliza- Eliza June is sweet and you could call her Ella June still
    Hazel- this name has really grown on me
    Maribelle- pretty but I prefer Mirabelle

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