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    How To Get to Bea, And A Few Other Matters

    We are trying to find a middle name for Cora. Our other girls name is Ivy Louisa nn Ivy Lou. Originally we had Cora paired with Lucille. I loved Cora Lou and ivy Lou. But hubby didnt like it. So today I was thinking... Why not Ivy Lou and Cora Bea?

    Trouble is I HATE Beatrice, And all of those flowery old fashioned b names. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any middle names for Cora so that we could call her Cora Bea?

    Also, we are looking for some more names to add to our girls list so that we can have four or five options here's what we have for boys-

    Liam Parker
    Merrick Thomas
    Rhett Maverick

    Ivy Louisa

    Here are some names I brainstormed today for possible first or middles- haven't passed them by hubby yet!

    Bella ( I love this because I love italian culture and the meaning of this. But so overused and cutesy)

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    How do you feel about Cora-Bee? It has a cuter more Ivy-Lou sort of softness to me and would allow you to literally choose any B- name that you like.
    For Bea since you don't like Beatrice have you considered expanding your search for names that start Be- and end in -a?
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    I am assuming Bea is prn. bee, and if so, any name starting with a B will do for this nickname.
    Also, if you love Bella, there are several ways to get there. Christabel, Rosabelle, Arabella, Amabel, Corabelle, Willabelle, etc. (please vote!)

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    Anything that starts with a B would work. Maybe Bay would be more streamlined & not too old fashioned feeling? Or Belle since you're a fan of Bella. Cora Belladonna is a bit ott, but I like it. Or Cora Bellamy? I also think Cora Wilhelmina could become Cora Bee for Billie. Also names like Melissa or Deborah which mean Bee or anything with meanings that connect to honey? Like Pamela?

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    You could just middle name her Bea. I'm pretty that's a totally kosher name. Unless you don't like that? I think Bea on its own would be great though!

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