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    Absolutely my favorite boy name!!
    Such a handsome and strong name!
    I am definitely using this name!
    Landon Christopher is very nice.

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    It isn't to my personal taste but I don't mind Landon.

    It seems very 'on trend' here in New York at the moment, this year alone I've seen several in BAs and know two born locally.
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    Owen, Hudson, and Declan are definitely trendy! I still like them, but the are all what I would call trendy. If you go to the SSA site, you can look to see if they have made dramatic leaps over the past few years and then you know just how trendy they are.

    Landon seems a bit country to me. I like Christopher a lot! I'd say my ranks would be...


    I agree with the suggestion of Deacon! I like that one a whole lot and it much more unique.
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    I don't think it's very trendy. I know a 40 year old man named Landon and he's the only one I've ever met or heard of.

    I think Landon Christopher is a fabulous name.

    I also like Owen Christopher a lot--Owen is not trendy in the least.

    Declan and Hudson definitely are, but they're nice names. I like Hudson, especially with nn Huck.
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    I only know one person with the name Landon and I like it. I think it is a great name choice!

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