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    Question Thoughts on Landon?

    What are your thoughts on Landon Christopher?

    Too trendy? Other names coming up are Owen, Hudson, Declan.
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    I really like Landon I think it is maybe a little trendy, but I always figure there is a reason it is, because it is a good name!

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    I'm from Australia and Landon is practically unheard of so for me its not trendy, I love the name Landon (pretty much most names with an O and N really)

    I would have loved an Owen but my brother in law has this name

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    Landon is quite trendy (I've known quite a few), but trendy doesn't always mean bad. I also really like Hudson and Declan (I know way too many Owens). They are all fine names...
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    Of those four, Landon is my least favorite. I like Orlando though, which has some similar sound qualities. Also not such a fan of Hudson. But Declan and Owen are both great names IMO.

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