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    Ginger as first or middle name, suggestions please

    We are searching for a name for our baby girl, due in August. Our curly haired sunshiney boy is called Lawson and so far DH and I can't agree on a name for his sister.

    Our favourite so far is Ginger - We want to include it somehow but I'm leaning towards it as a middle name and looking for something more 'serious' for a first name. DH is happy to use it as a first name. Thoughts?

    Anyway, would love some suggestions! So far we have

    I love the retro fifties names but having difficulty getting them across the line...

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    Ginger is the cutest name ever, perfect for both first or middle. I love Clara too, good luck! xo

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    Ginger Aurora nn Gigi was the first that came to my mind! I really love it upfront... It's a bit Of a GP name for me! Ginger Charlotte or Ginger Clara are pretty too! Or Ginger Mirabel, Ginger Lucia, Ginger Eloise, Ginger Lily, Ginger Victoria, Ginger Elizabeth, Ginger Emily, Ginger Amelia...
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    Ginger is a gorgeous name - for both a middle and first name! I love it. Clara is also a favourite of mine.
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    My first reaction was that I didn't like Ginger, but then I saw a pp said the nn Gigi, which is so cute! Maybe Amelia Ginger and call her Gigi?
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