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    Miles David would be really handsome!

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    I like Max from your list with Sam and Finn.

    I also really like the suggestions of Jack and Nate
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    Thanks for the amazing feeback! OH said he still doesn't like Jack which is unfortunate He said he likes Leo, Miles, Cole, Heath (He really loves Heath Ledgers films so I think that might be why, but who am I to complain? Heath is a great name.), Gage, Blake and Kent. I like most of these names too we'll ponder on those for a while!

    As for the one syllable theme, I would love to continue it because I think a sibset of Sam, Finn & Jack or Sam, Finn & Max/Miles would be really awesome but we want more children and I'm scared we'll get stuck in a theme with no way out! If we like a one syllable name that much then we'll go for it though. I think I'm over thinking it, to be honest.

    We have a girls name picked out incase it turns out to be a girl (which took us about 1 day to agree on haha!), which is Lila Esme, and we'd like to use that for a future baby girl if we ever have one so I think that may be why I want a name that isn't one syllable, so Lila doesn't stick out if we ever use it. (Although Sam, Finn, Miles & Lila is pretty cute)

    eh, I guess I'll cross that bridge if I ever get there! Thanks for all of the suggestions, keep them coming! They're all fantastic.

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    I think Max David would be fantastic with your boys' names.

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    I really like Noah.It goes great with his brothers!
    It's very handsome.

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