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    Update boy list !

    so berries i need opinions in that combos

    Jasper Alexander
    Edward Thomas
    Gideon Wolf
    Beau Sebastian
    Marcus Alexander
    Stellan Oliver
    Emmett Hunter
    Garrett Elliott
    Elijah Zackary

    Thanks in advance
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    Jasper Alexander - the double er ending makes the flow awkward. I would suggest instead Jasper Elliott

    Edward Thomas -I really like this despite it being not at all my style. Very expected.

    Gideon Wolf -love love love this!!

    Beau Sebastian - this combo could grow on me. It's nice, but seemed off at first.

    Marcus Alexander- I'm not crazy about how this flows. Very r heavy.

    Stellan Oliver - I'm not really a Stellan fan and Oliver just had a very chubby vibe to me.

    Emmett Hunter- I would prefer Hunter Emmett
    Garrett Elliott - this is my least favorite combo listed here. The two double t endings are just too much for me.
    Elijah Zackary - I'm not a fan of Elijah or this spelling of Zackary. They are okay together I suppose.
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    Jasper Alexander - I have an unfounded hatred for Jasper, I think it either sounds like an old man who's constantly trying to be funny. Or a dog. I love Alexander though I feel it's a bit filler-ish in the middle. ~~ Edward Thomas - this is strong and simple, there's nothing I hate about it but it's not striking. I'd prefer Edmund Thomas. ~~ Gideon Wolf - this is probably the opposite of Edward Thomas, there's quite a lot going on and it feels too complex. Edward Wolf would be better and make it more balanced. ~~ Beau Sebastian - I can't get behind Beau, no one would take a man seriously with this name, remember babies do grow up. I LOVE Sebastian though, Sebastian Beau would be 1000% better! ~~ Marcus Alexander - I feel the same about this as I do about Edward Thomas. Boring. Alexander is still filler-ish. Marko Alexander would be a nice alternative. ~~ Stellan Oliver - Stellan is a new love of mine, I think this combo nicely mixes trendy with classic. ~~ Emmett Hunter - This is too much. Emmett reminds me of Twilight which makes the middle name Hunter sounds like a bad joke. Vampire Hunter... Neither of these names appeal to me and the combo together feels awful. ~~ Garrett Elliott - this kid's gonna be in a picle if he can't say his T's! This combo is so heavy on the T's it's painful. Gareth Elliott would be better. ~~ Elijah Zackary - this would probably be my favourite combo if Zachary was spelt properly. I love Elijah and the names compliment each other nicely.
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    Jasper Alexander - I love Jasper and Alexander. Alexander is my 2nd sons middle name and we love it. I dont think Jasper and Alexander flow together well because of the -er endings but I love both names.

    Edward Thomas - I love Edward Thomas! Edward is one of my favourites but OH doesnt like it. Thomas is a great name too, it's my brothers name! I love this combo

    Gideon Wolf - I really love this, Gideon Wolf is so handsome! I love Gideon, it's really underused. Wolf is a really interesting and spunky middle name, too

    Beau Sebastian - I think this is my lleast favourite from your list. I love Beau but Beau Sebastian sounds almost rhymey to me but I'm not sure why. I agree with Previous poster, Sebastian Beau would be so much better! V. handsome

    Marcus Alexander - I love Marcus! Marcus Alexander is a great combo, Alexander is a great middle name

    Stellan Oliver - Stellan isnt my style at all but I like the combo Stellan Oliver. Oliver is one of my favourite names, nice combo.

    Emmett Hunter - I love Emmett! So handsome! I dont like the twilight connection but it's still a fab name. Hunter isnt my style but I like it with Emmett.

    Garrett Elliott - I like the names seperately but like previous poster said, it feels way to T heavy!

    Elijah Zackary - I love this combo! Elijah is so handsome. I like Zackary spelt Zachary but it's still a lovely combo!

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    Jasper Alexander- Both names are awesome (Jasper is a personal top 4), but they don't work well together.
    Edward Thomas- Solid. Edward is one of my favorite classic/timeless names, and Thomas is solid.
    Gideon Wolf- Not a fan. I don't like Gideon or Wolf much (actually liking both names less the more I hear/see them).
    Beau Sebastian- Mediocre. Sebastian Beau would be better, but still mediocre for me.
    Marcus Alexander- I like it, but not tons. Very ancient feeling combo, which is cool.
    Stellan Oliver- I like it a lot. Though I think both names work better as first names. Neither have a middle name vibe to me.
    Emmett Hunter- It's okay. I like Emmett quite a lot, but don't much like Hunter.
    Garrett Elliott- Too much double letter stuff going on here. Flow is strange. I like Elliott a lot and am mediocre about Garrett on it's own. In combo though, not a fan.
    Elijah Zackary- I'm not such a fan of Elijah, though I like Elias a lot. Zackary (never seen this spelling) is okay, but nothing to great for me.
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