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Thread: Which gender?

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    Riley - boy (Rylie for girl)
    Peyton - girl (Payton for boy)
    Jordan - boy
    Bailey - boy
    Charlie - boy (unless it's a nickname for Charlotte)
    Taylor - girl
    Reese - boy
    Ashley - girl
    Sky - girl
    Harper - girl
    Rowan - either
    Alex - either, I don't see as a full name I see it as a nickname for various boy and girl names
    Cameron - boy
    Logan - boy
    Dylan - boy
    River - boy
    Shiloh - girl
    Jesse - boy (Jessie - girl)
    Drew - (boy)
    Jamie - alone a girl but could be a nickname for a boy named James or Jamison/Jameson
    Kendall - boy
    Kennedy - girl
    Morgan - girl
    Robin - girl
    Sam - same as Alex
    Quinn - girl
    Avery - girl

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    bailibsmum Guest
    Riley - boy
    Rory -boy
    Peyton - girl (payton is boy version_
    Jordan -boy
    Bailey- boy
    Charlie- boy (charley- girl)
    Taylor- boy
    Reese- girl
    Harper- girl
    Rowan- both
    Alex- boy
    Robin -boy (robyn-girl)
    Sam- boy
    Quinn- both
    Avery- girl

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    Riley – Prefer it on a boy (though one of the true ones I’d say both for)
    Rory – Boy
    Peyton - Girl
    Jordan - Boy
    Bailey – Girl
    Charlie – Boy
    Taylor – Girl (again, could honestly say both)
    Reese – Girl (this spelling)
    Ashley – Girl
    Sky – Girl
    Harper – Girl
    Rowan – Girl
    Alex – Boy
    Cameron – Girl
    Logan – Boy
    Dylan – Boy
    River – Boy
    Shiloh - Boy
    Jesse – Boy
    Drew – Boy
    Jamie – Girl (both..)
    Kendall – Girl
    Kennedy – Girl
    Morgan – Girl
    Robin – Girl
    Sam – Boy
    Quinn – Boy
    Avery – Boy

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    Rowan - I like it much better on a boy
    Sam - though again, as a nn on a girl I think it's okay
    Charlie - all boy, I think it's actually pretty dumb on a girl as a full name, maybe as a nn
    Taylor - I see it as a boys name, though I've known more girls than boys with it, I'd never use it,.
    Drew - boy, who cares what the Barrymore's do
    Dylan - can't imagine it as a girls name

    Ashley - I think it's solidly crossed over
    Reese - with this spelling I'd say girl, but Rhys is all boy to me
    Jamie - nn on a boy, given name on a girl, though I have a family member with this name, so that always changes things.
    Quinn - I can see it on both, but I think I prefer it on a girl as a full name, nn for Quincy though

    Rory - both as a nn, by itself only boy
    Alex - both as a nn, by itself boy
    Robin - both, though I slightly prefer the spelling Robyn for a girl
    Sky - either
    Jesse - both as a nn, by itself boy
    Avery - either, I like both names.

    Neither (ugly both ways):
    Morgan - neither....I guess if pressed I'd pick girl, but I don't really like it for either.
    Cameron - I don't like it on either, though I've known it on both. It feels like the modern version of "Pat". The ugly middle ground.
    River - I don't really like it on either, but I would say either if it is used (same as Sky really)
    Kendall - all I hear is "Ken doll" which is super weird on either gender.
    Kennedy - sorry, but I think it's a dumb name.
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