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    Short list: Elijah, Reuben, Abraham

    Thoughts on this top boy name choices for first child, potentially son (don't know gender yet):

    Elijah Bruce
    Elijah Daniel
    Reuben Daniel
    Reuben Bruce
    Abraham Jacob
    Ezra Daniel
    Ezra Bruce
    Obadiah John
    Amos Bruce
    Amos Daniel

    MN options:

    --Elijah is generally more popular than I would prefer, but we have a pretty significant personal story for it (we almost feel like we don't have a choice about using it for our first son!) and like the meaning and sound. Personally, I don't know many Elijahs, though I know it's somewhere like #15 in the US! I actually know more baby Isaiahs and Jude/Judahs, which are supposedly less popular...two other names I would consider if they didn't belong to children of close friends.

    -Obviously, we like Biblical names, especially for boys. (Ideally, would for girls, too, but the options much fewer and mostly too common--I know tons of Hannahs, Abigails, etc. Even Ruth, Esther are pretty common amongst our circles.)

    --The mn options are not thrilling, but they're all family names. We're pretty set on using Bruce and Daniel (not in that particular order) if we have 2 boys. Bruce is hard to work with, so it's kinda more like, which sounds best out of the options!? Lately I think Elijah Bruce is okay, and leaves Reuben Daniel for potential 2nd son.

    --Current favorite girls names: Magnolia Irene, Naomi Deborah, Josephine Elise, Anneliese Deborah, Winnifred Christine.

    --Our last name is 3 syllables, Van S__ __um. (Is Abraham out if our last name also ends in the "um" sound?)

    Thanks for the input!

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    My favorites on your list are Abraham Jacob and Amos Daniel (though I recommend Amos Jacob because the repeating long A sound is nice). Abraham has the benefit of not only a Biblical namesake, but also Abraham Lincoln ( you live in America? if not then this is irrelevant to you). The recent award-winning Lincoln film and the biography on which it was based have inspired me to put Abraham on my own list. The name sounds antique and noble.

    If you really feel that Elijah is The One for you, then I vote for Elijah Bruce. I think it sounds better than Elijah Daniel and is easier to say. I only know of two Elijahs myself, and one is probably around 30 years old. Regardless of Elijah's ranking, I don't think it's overwhelmingly popular.

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    Ezra is the best name

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    Although I love Abraham, I'm not big on Abraham Von S-m. I LOVE Reuben... Roo would be such a cute nn. I'm not a fan of Reuben Bruce... it just doesn't flow well... I'd go for Reuben Daniel. Ezra is also very cool (and unique)... If you feel like Elijah's the one, then go for it. Elias has been a fav of mine since childhood, but I wouldn't use it. My brother named his son Eli, 2 friends named their sons Elijah, and 1 is planning to have an Elias. Moreover, my nephew had many friends with Eli- names. I don't think Elijah's popularity would be as bothersome as the combined popularity of Elijah, Elias, and Eli. My brother and sister-in-law really wanted to use popular names, so it worked for them... but if that might be something that would bother you, I'd ask around in the area where you live to see whether or not it's popular.

    My favs: 1. Reuben Daniel 2. Ezra Daniel 3. Elijah Bruce
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    @alzora, oooh, thanks for the Amos Jacob combo. Not one I thought of yet. We love Abraham b/c of the Biblical significance and Abraham Lincoln is a fun connection, too. It's also just a classic, Biblical name that's not used much these days. (Like Moses.)

    @bluesparrow, Considering just the names and nothing about family significance or meaning, I agree. I love Ezra. If we use Elijah, I might be hesistant to use Ezra in the future.

    @tfzholgadar, Yeah, I just realized that double m ending problem as I wrote the above, and I'm now more convinced Abraham won't work for us. Also, I say I don't know many Elijahs...but there is an baby Elias within our circle, and another Eli. I do really dislike the potential confusion of all these Eli___s together. I guess we have to decide if we have a choice about Elijah or not! I prefer Reuben Daniel and Ezra Daniel when thinking just about the names, sounds, relative uncommonness. Reuben and Daniel are both family names, one from each side, so that's special, too.

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