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    These are 3 names I love and plan to use:
    Charlotte Selena-Lynn, Charles is my brother, Selena is my grandma's Middle name, Lynn is my moms and part of mine (I have two)
    Aubree Kathryn, Aubree is 2 letters away from being my mom's last name and pronounced very similar, Kathryn is my grandma
    Victoria - My name is Nicole which means victory of the people

    My grandpa's name is George and he was a great guy. I've always thought about naming a child after him but just couldn't picture it..

    Until.. I thought of the nickname "Geo", rhymes with Leo. I think I love it!

    What do you think?
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    Geo is a really cool nickname for George, but if you dislike the full name George, I would suggest that you keep looking (unless you mean that you would just use Geo on the birth certificate instead of George?). I'm not a fan of giving a child a name that you don't fully love, even if you do love the nickname. If you name him George just because you like Geo, he would still be referred to as "George" at major life events such as his graduation and wedding, and it sounds like you wouldn't be happy with that. You could use George as a middle name, or you could name a girl Georgia, Georgina, or Georgie.

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    No I don't mind the name George! I just couldn't ever picture using it (As in calling a child George). I really like the nickname Geo, I think it sounds really cool and makes the name George very appealing.

    I guess it depends what happens when I start having children if they are boys or girls.. and what my husband thinks.
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    I'm not such a fan of George, but the nickname Geo is pretty awesome. I know of one George who goes by Geo (the vocalist for the Blue Scholars (Seattle hip-hop)).

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    George makes me think of "Georgie porgie puddin' and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry"... Maybe because of cartoons, I also think of a George looking a bit round like a Humpty Dumpty. I can't say it's my fav, but it's ok. I do like the nn Geo...
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