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    WDYT of the name Oceana?

    I had a vivid dream a few years back that i had a daughter called Oceana with nn Anna ..

    Since then this name has been a guilty pleasure of mine but never considered using it. Now that im looking at names again i'm thinking why not? It has my love of O and a ending. plus the connection with the sea and history behind its name.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or feelings towards this name negative or positive?

    I'm worried to most ppl itll come across as a made up name with unique spelling
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    If I met a little Oceana, I would think it's pretty cool. If you're worried that it sounds too made-up, you may like Oriana Maris--it has your O beginning and A ending, and the middle name Maris refers to the sea, and the nickname Anna would still be right there.

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    I think I prefer just Océane. I'd rather use a name closer to the word "ocean." Oceana makes me think of the word "oceanic," which is more scientific, less poetic to my ears.
    Oceana could certainly work though. Such a whispery sound.
    I love Oceanus for a boy - it's a bit over the top..

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    I think it's really nice! I would be delighted to meet a little Oceana. It would also make a stunning mn.

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    I would not have picked this name off a list as something I would like, but the more I think about it, the more stunningly beautiful it is. It does not sound made up to me at all. Very historic and sophisticated with a wonderfully mild sound. A pretty perfect name!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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