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    a middle name for Celia!

    Just pure speculation but Celia is currently my favorite girls' name. It has everything I love about it - simple, feminine, literary, short, unpopular...

    Not that I'm having a baby but I can't settle on the perfect middle name to go with it. Although there's no reason I can't leave a long list of potentials following after Celia on my list, I'd like to hear your opinions.

    Celia Temperance (personal significance)
    Celia Artemis (mythical)
    Celia Cassandra (literary)
    Celia Jo (literary)
    Celia Winifred (...okay. After Winifred "Fred' Burkle. But it sounds cute!)
    Celia Morgan (literary)

    There are other names I love but I feel those sound the best with Celia. Thoughts? Do you know any Celias and what their middle name was?
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    I'm a Celia. Well, Cecilia. But most people end up calling me Celia. My middle name is Anne.
    my favorite from your list is Celia Morgan. I wouldn't go with an A name because they run into each other. Celiartemis.
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    I love how different Celia Morgan sounds, modern yet classic, girly yet funky. I think it's a great combo. Also...

    Celia Corinne
    Celia Monroe
    Celia June
    Celia Georgia
    Celia Opal
    Celia Hailey
    Celia Minerva (Roman version of Athena-- just your mythological one )
    Celia Cloe (Chloe without the final -e sound)
    Celia Margeaux
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