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    Exclamation 36 weeks and NOOOOOO names! Oh dear lord please help!!

    I am 36 weeks pregnant with my second child ( we do not know the sex) and my husband and I cant agree on anything!!!!!!!!!!

    We have a 4 year old boy named Matvey ( The Russian version of Matthew) My husband has Russian on his side and Matvey was the name of a beloved uncle. He usually gets called Maty or just M.

    For this child we just cant seem to find anything we like!!!

    We both like uncommon names but REAL names. He wants to stick with the Russian theme but there is just nothing that I have seen that I am thrilled with!

    Names I like that were vetoed or are too popular for my liking:

    Aidan ( WAY too popular)
    Santiago ( we are NOT hispanic so I dont feel it would work!)

    Can you help????? It does NOT have to be a Russian name... just something that goes with Matvey... not popular but not made up!!!! and no M names!

    ( i posted in girls too!)

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