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    Yugen - a profound awareness of the universe

    I don't think this is an actual name. However, I LOVE the meaning behind it. I don't think I could use this for my unborn son, but I love love love the meaning.


    Yūgen is a Japanese word pertaining to a profound awareness of the universe which evokes feelings that are inexplicably deep and too mysterious for words. The word itself is like an extension of awareness, the aesthetic perception which allows us to conceive of the vastness of the universe

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    Personally, I wouldn't use it for a first name but I think it would make a quirky middle name choice. It reminds me of Eugene/Eugen.
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    I know this word! I've never thought of using it as a name, but it is an interesting idea. I agree with Mischa- it could be an interesting middle, but probably wouldn't work too well as a first. I'd also consult a native Japanese speaker before using it- I know it's used generally in poetic criticism, which makes me think it may be akin to naming a child "allegory" (not all that crazy to me,) but I'm not sure if it has other uses or how common it is.

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    Middle name only, but the meaning is stunning for a baby name.
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    Sounds like a really cool meaning for a name!

    The look of the name in writing turns me off, though.

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