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    Recently, I saw a little boy named Craven. Seriously. I also do not like boy's names on girls. Last year, I met this girl named Carson, and I've seen a few female "Campbell"s too. It seems to be a more common thing now, but I don't like it. I like soft, classic, strong names--like Eleanor and Anne and Winifred for girls; Arthur and Benedict for boys; just to name a few. There is also this girl I know of whose name is La-a, pronounced Ladasha. I also do not like do i put this?..."ghetto names". Ex: Yolanda, Latoya, DeShawn, Kuwasha, etc...
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    Precious was the first name. Loveless was the middle name.
    Yep. Usually, I'm really open with strange names but that one ... I don't even know.
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    I know its a commen one to hate, but neveah --- ahhh!

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    Went to pick up my DD from daycare the other day, and there is a new baby who started a few days ago. I met him on the day he started, I was cooing over him and complimented his parents and told them he was cute.

    When I picked my DD up the other day, they were putting his name on one of the pegs in the corridor, as each child has their own to put their coat and bag, and I saw that his name is Wrenynn. I couldn't help but cringe, especially as his sister is called Rowan.
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    I do not see what is so awful about Yolanda. It means "violet." I've also seen the spelling Iolanda which is legit from what I can research but I'm not sure if it's said the same way or ee-oh-landa.

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