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    My friend is the testing coordinator at the high school where I used to teach, so every year she'd get a list of every kid in the school. She saw some doozies. I remember two in particular: Bignora & Lesbian.

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    On Birdezillas (I'll admit it, I love this show, it's a total guilty pleasure) there are some pretty awful names, but I was shocked that a bride, who introduced herself as Ivy, was really named Ivaran Sugar.

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    I was watching a show with my daughter yesturday and there were two little girls on there named Iyslah and Denham. There were two others on there with good names but they had some funky spellings, Kymberli and Katlyn.

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    I met a little boy names Khaos (Chaos with a K) when I took my daughter to playgroup once. His mum was talking about how she didn't understand why he never listened and was always misbehaving... You named him Khaos? What did you expect woman!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliawilliams View Post
    ^ ladasha is an urban legend, with a pretty racist origin. She doesn't exist and if she did she would basically own the internet by now.

    Can we talk about decent names with bad nicknames? Some girls i went to high school with had kids around the same time and hang out with each other and they've all taken to calling their kids by the first letter of their name. Like literally they'll just be taking and be like "Oh, K is doing well in preschool, P is so excited to go when it's her turn!" and the other person is like "That reminds me I need to get L registered for preschool." You're aware it sounds like your kids are named Kay, Pee, and Elle, right? And that they have actual names with sensible nicknames available?

    I know a girl who named her daughter Le.ola and i can think of so many nicknames for that...Lee, Leo, Lola, Lilou...but no, she calls her "L." What a waste of a perfectly good name.

    This is actually how myself and my brother were referred to as children, so I'd be 'J' and him 'P'. I didn't have a probelm with it and liked it because 'Jay' was a cool nickname quite tomboyish compared to the more girly 'Jocelyne'. We did get called by our real names too of course!
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