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    My cousins boyfriend, Albert, has three children. The eldest daughter and youngest son have nice enough names (Savannah and Silas) but the middle daughters name is just atrocious. It's: Jerisha. (le gag.)

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    Shimple, Preciose, Manfred. These are all grown people though. I have to admit though I kind of cringe too also when people use overused names like Chloe, Jessica, Liam and Ethan, Joshua - all nice names but so boring and plain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by namesage View Post
    I had to get on and find this thread since my best friend (who I regularly compare notes with regarding terrible names we have heard) just texted me to tell me her waitress's name was Conception.
    I actually know a few women with this name, but spelled Concepcion. It is very common among filipino people.

    The worst I've heard recently is a friend of a friend who named her new baby girl Karsyn Drue. It's not my style in the first place, but the yooneek spelling just bugs me.
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    I have heard a couple of weird names. But, one of the weirdest name is my cousin's name.
    My cousin had a baby early this May, and named her Raynah Snowden. We all think it's a really weird name. First of all the name sounds like its raining and its snowed in! What kind of name is that !!!
    When we got the birth announcement we all couldn't srop laughing. I also know a boy named Jocelyn. I'm serious. I thought it was a girl's name because I know three girls named Jocelyn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalebsmom View Post
    The worst I've met was a boy at the playground named Omen.

    I was recently watching 'Extreme Couponing' and the woman featured had a daughter named Tequila. That poor child.
    I went to school with a girl named Tequila, there was a Coffee too....I really hear nails on a blackboard when i the name Nevaeh is spoken, my DD has a few friends with that name too. Madison is not a favorite either, probably mostly to do with popularity/over use on both of those.
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