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    Girl's Names Galore

    I don't really have a specific name style, which results with me coming up with a mishmash of names:

    Stella Luna: I absolutely adore this name with all my heart, but is it too associated with the bat story?
    Clementine: this is my favorite girl's name of all time, but many people think it's strange. However, I love it. Opinions?
    Ophelia: the name is beautiful, but I fear the tragic Shakespearean character might made this a hard name to carry.
    Roo: This, of course, would be a nickname. The only thing is, I don't know what it would be a nickname FOR. I'm having the same issue with Pip.
    Anastasia: I think this is a beautiful name, but I don't want it shortened to Anna. Is that bound to happen, or is it avoidable?
    Evaline: Pronounced Ava and line, is it condemned to being perpetually mispronounced as Evelyn?
    Ursula: call me crazy, but I think this is an adorable name. Too much linkage with the sea witch, though?
    Capucine: I'd probably call her Capu.
    Arianna: I just think this name is beautiful.
    Tess: Again, I think this is a fantastic name.
    Agatha: I think this is adorable, especially nicknamed Aggie, but is it a bit harsh for a toddler to be called 'Agatha'?
    Matilda: too Roald Dahl?
    Sawyer: I love this name for a little girl, but does it channel too much Tom?
    Hazel: I love this name.
    Liesl: Is this name too harsh?
    Effie: I think this is adorable.
    Maisie: Too much like Maisy the Mouse?
    Daisy: I ADORE Daisy I think it's so cute. Do you automatically think Buchanan or Duck, however?

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    Stella Luna: Yes, it's too associated with the bat story to work as a combo. Estella Luna or Estrella Luna might work?
    Clementine: It's a daring choice. I think it's sweet & has southern charm like Magnolia. The "oh my darling" thing could get old.
    Ophelia: I think it's a little tragic. But I've met plenty of little Juliets.
    Roo= Rose, Rosemary, Rosa, Ramona. Pip= Philipa, Patricia, Piper.
    Anastasia: I know one called Stasia (Stay-jza) almost exclusively. Longer names do tend to get shortened.
    Evaline: dislike, confusing pronunciation
    Ursula: I also love it, but the association is strong.
    Capucine: I think of coffee
    Arianna: It's ok
    Tess: Cute, I think it's nicknamey though
    Agatha: I actually love this. I think it's fresh again and great for a kid!
    Matilda: Not too associated to the book, movie, play...I know several.
    Sawyer: very boyish
    Hazel: I love this name.
    Liesl: very SOund of Music
    Effie: nicknamey
    Maisie: nicknamey
    Daisy: I do think of Buchanan. I could see this name booming this year.

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    Stella Luna: Stella and Luna are both beautiful names but Stella Luna is the bat.
    Clementine: Cute, darling, sweet! Sounds perfect for you.
    Ophelia: Beautiful and easier to carry than the equally lovely Desdemona.
    Roo: That's a hard one...
    Anastasia: I think it could be also shortened to Annie, Anya, Stacy, Tracy...
    Evaline: Yes, it would be mispronounced and misspelled but I don't think as Evelyn.
    Ursula: I think it's beautiful.
    Capucine: I thought this was cappuccino at first glance.
    Arianna: lovely.
    Tess: It is fantastic. I know a great Tess!
    Agatha: not my style.
    Matilda: Yes Dahl but that's a good thing.
    Sawyer: I prefer it for a boy.
    Hazel: Nice.
    Liesl: Very soft.
    Effie: Hunger Games.
    Maisie: Daisy-Head Maisie.
    Daisy: Very sweet!
    ...dreaming of naming my future first cat.

    today's favorites: Howl, Sherlock, Scheherazade

    (and favorites of the non-pet names: Celia Hermione, Odette, Inigo, Arthur Rooney)

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    Stella Luna: I don't personally think this flows all that well--it's a bit clunky when said aloud. You may like Stella Maris ("sea-star," another name for the North Star) or Stella Rosa.

    Clementine: I don't think this is strange at all. I see it brought up quite a bit on here. I find it dainty and sweet.

    Ophelia: I have never liked how this name has the sounds "feel ya." I think Ophelia is wearable despite the Shakespeare character, but I recommend the name Oriana.

    Roo: You could name a child Roux ("roo"), the French word for red (which is in the Nameberry database) or Jerusha or Jerusalem to get to Roo. I adore Jerusha, an old Biblical name that was used in eighteenth-century America.

    Anastasia: If you call her Stacia or Stacey, I think you will be able to avoid Anna/Ana.

    Evaline: I had no idea how to pronounce this until reading your description. I don't think you or a daughter would want to deal with that for the rest of your lives. You may like Emmaline or Avaline.

    Ursula: I don't know how popular the old classic Disney movies are among the upcoming generation. But if by chance they do all still watch The Little Mermaid, every child will think of that witch upon meeting your daughter on the first day of school. You may like the similar name Ursa.

    Capucine: Sounds like cappuccino. You may like Capitola/Capitolia or Caprice.

    Arianna: I find all of the Ar- names a bit trendy because of Arabelle.

    Tess: Tess is cute. It's simplicity is stunning.

    Agatha: I think a toddler could pull it off, but the nickname Aggie is also a cute option with this name. I like it.

    Matilda: I think Matilda is so quirky and spunky and fun!

    Sawyer: Too boyish for my liking, and too trendy at that.

    Hazel: I really like it. It sounds sweet, a la hazlenut.

    Liesl: I once saw the spelling Liesel, which made the name much more lovable.

    Effie: I think it's cute too, but it sounds like a euphamism for the F-word. Maybe Essie or Eppie? (Eppie is featured in the classic novel Silas Marner.)

    Maisie: Who is Maisie the Mouse? I like Maizie (this spelling) and have it on my list. I think it's a fun name. You may also like Mamie.

    Daisy: I like Daisy. It's cheerful and playful.

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