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    Girl's Names Galore

    I don't really have a specific name style, which results with me coming up with a mishmash of names:

    Stella Luna: I absolutely adore this name with all my heart, but is it too associated with the bat story?
    Clementine: this is my favorite girl's name of all time, but many people think it's strange. However, I love it. Opinions?
    Ophelia: the name is beautiful, but I fear the tragic Shakespearean character might made this a hard name to carry.
    Roo: This, of course, would be a nickname. The only thing is, I don't know what it would be a nickname FOR. I'm having the same issue with Pip.
    Anastasia: I think this is a beautiful name, but I don't want it shortened to Anna. Is that bound to happen, or is it avoidable?
    Evaline: Pronounced Ava and line, is it condemned to being perpetually mispronounced as Evelyn?
    Ursula: call me crazy, but I think this is an adorable name. Too much linkage with the sea witch, though?
    Capucine: I'd probably call her Capu.
    Arianna: I just think this name is beautiful.
    Tess: Again, I think this is a fantastic name.
    Agatha: I think this is adorable, especially nicknamed Aggie, but is it a bit harsh for a toddler to be called 'Agatha'?
    Matilda: too Roald Dahl?
    Sawyer: I love this name for a little girl, but does it channel too much Tom?
    Hazel: I love this name.
    Liesl: Is this name too harsh?
    Effie: I think this is adorable.
    Maisie: Too much like Maisy the Mouse?
    Daisy: I ADORE Daisy I think it's so cute. Do you automatically think Buchanan or Duck, however?

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