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    Thanks so much for the feedback! I think I've decided to leave the names as they are in the book that is in it's (hopefully) last round of editing, and change some of the names in the other ones that the story isn't finished yet and I didn't spend as much time choosing the perfect names for the characters anyway.

    staying the same:


    Some ideas for the names you are changing:

    Eloise / Bethany / Louisa
    Camilla / Carissa / Carys
    Adrian / Hayden / Harvey
    Laurence / Clayton / Cole

    Good luck with it all and hope this helps!

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    I keep my all-time favorite names out of my writing, I just feel weird about it. I think Caroline nn Carrie or Carly could replace Elisabeth, same classic, preppy vibe. For Cassandra, I'm not sure. Is it the romantic vibe you're going for? Victoria nn Vicky could work, and it kind has the same romantic name, cheeky nickname vibe as Cassandra/Cassie. For some odd reason, the name Tallulah nn Lula came into my head. I don't like the name personally, but maybe it works for your character. Best of luck!!

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    I also write and no, I would never name my child after one of my characters, for one I have a strong association to the character and often I pick names I believe fit the characters, not names I necessarily like, but they do grow on me because of the character. Another reason is because I wouldn't want to set "standards" for my child because by using a name I used on a character, I might be inclined to believe they'd turn on to be like that character. Basically I have a strong attachment to my characters, they're my non existent children, lol! And you wouldn't name both your children the same name, or so I hope!

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    I'm a writer and I tend to use guilty pleasure names for main characters, or ones I like but can't use for various reasons - doesn't work with surname, OH doesn't like, already in use. As for a minor character, I think it would depend on the name and the character - the MC's friend's mum named Elizabeth who only appears in it for one chapter to give them a lift to the train station is fine, the boy called Kyran who tries to touch the MC up in the cinema on their one and only date isn't.

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