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    Would this ruin the names for you?

    Hi berries! I have been writing novels for a while, and I have now officially finished one (And one more almost done). I am now at the point that I am going to try getting them published but, I have encountered a problem. Somewhere along the way of writing these, I fell in love with the names I used... like they are on my lists for future children now.

    Here's the question: Is it crazy to name a child after a character you created? Should I change the names I used in the books before I try to get them published?

    Some of the names:
    Elisabeth nn Lissie
    Cassandra nn Cassie
    Emmeline nn Emmy
    Anastasia nn Annie


    As you can see, especially the girls names are some of my absolute favorites (in my signature). If you think I should change the names in the book (or even if you don't) please suggest names that are similar/have the same feel to them.
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    I tend to reserve certain names for characters and certain names for children (if I ever have any). For me, the association of some of the characters I've created would overwhelm the name to the point that I could not use it for a child. But that's just me. I wouldn't see anything wrong with it if someone else did it. And if it's a relatively minor character or a relatively common name (like Elizabeth), then I wouldn't have a problem with it.
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    There are a lot of rhymy names there O_o Most of the boys end in 'on' and most of the girls end in 'ie'. I'd change that if I were you.

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    Hmmm it might be a little odd to name your children after a a character you created. I'm just imagining the likes of J.K. Rowling with a son named Harry, or Stephanie Meyer with an Edward, or E.L. James with a Christian... yeah definitely weird!

    Saying that, if you have really fallen in love with the names then i would look at renaming your characters before you send them away to try and get published.

    Ideas for names that come to mind:

    Lillia nn Lilly
    Alexandra nn Ally/Alex/Lexi
    Matilda nn Tilly/Mattie

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    I think it's natural that you'd pick names you like or even love for your characters. And all authors love their characters, even the evil ones. The same thing happened to me. Take a step back from your story for a minute and ask yourself whether you like the name in itself or the connection to your character. If you really do love the name as a name you could consider changing the character's name - it is, admittedly, a bit weird to name your child after your character - or just leave it as it is. It's not likely to ever be an issue.

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