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    I wouldn't see a problem if you changed the names if the novel's characters- unless they are really major characters who you have already defined their personality. If they are just minor characters and you change the names, it should be fine.
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    I'm a writer as well! I totally think it's okay to use the name of a character as a baby name! (As long as that character isn't associated with qualities you don't want your future child to be associated with.)

    Personally I used to use all my guilty pleasure names in my stories- because I'd never name my kid Zarah or Xian or Azrael or Leanida.

    Now that I've strayed out of fantasy and into more realistic fiction, I ended up realizing that my baby name list was mostly made up of names I've used for characters. Traditional, but cute, and much easier to spell! ^_^

    As for your name list:

    Elisabeth nn Lissie- beautiful!
    Cassandra nn Cassie- also beautiful!
    Cecily- not my cup of tea, but sounds pretty.
    Emmeline nn Emmy- LOVE!
    Anastasia nn Annie-I don't think I'd use a nickname, cause this name sounds so beautiful on its own!

    Atticus- not my cup of tea.
    Canyon- surprisingly, I like this one a lot! Easy to spell and sounds very masculine!
    Lincoln- not my cup of tea.
    Aidan- WAY too overused. There's so many Aidens and Aidans out there right now. Save your kid from having their last name initial tacked onto their name every school year.
    Landon- not something I would use myself, but it's cute!

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    I probably wouldn't name my children after characters I had created in the past. I don't even think I could go back and change the character name since that would be engrained with the name for me. Honestly, I'd say keep the name for the character and take this as the opportunity to find a new, "better" name to fall in love with. (The exception of course is if the character is a really minor character who only shows up in a scene or two once. Then I'd say go for it.)
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    I have two lists. One is entitled, "Names I Absolutely Love (For My Future Children)" and one is called, "Names I Like Just Fine (For My Characters)." If my stories were to ever become really famous, I wouldn't want people to find out that I named my kid after the character. It would seem tacky. Plus, it would be slightly weird for the kid, I think. Haha.

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    Thanks so much for the feedback! I think I've decided to leave the names as they are in the book that is in it's (hopefully) last round of editing, and change some of the names in the other ones that the story isn't finished yet and I didn't spend as much time choosing the perfect names for the characters anyway.

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