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    I think that I will remove Solomon, Peregrine, Torrin, and Dorian since he doesn't like them.
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    javad Guest
    I think that it's good your cutting Solomon, Peregrine, Torrin and Dorian since he doesn't like them (although I really do think Solomon is an awesome name). Of the rest, here are my thoughts:

    Hudson- Not a fan. Doesn't feel like a name to me.
    Conrad- Great name! This is one of my favorites (probably in my overall top 15 or so). So cool.
    Theodore- Another great one. It's classic and timeless, but not nearly as overused as others I'd put in it's same category. It feels noble and friendly. Great name.
    Tobin/ Tobias- I don't like it. Never been a fan. And the NN Toby sounds strange to me.
    Sebastian- It's okay. I understand the appeal, but I'm quite mediocre about it.
    Atticus- There are a lot of ancient Latin names I really really like, this one however is more close to the mediocre range for me. It's one of those names that the more I hear it the less I like it.
    Archer- This name has really grown on me. The more I hear it, the more I like it. I used to be mediocre about it, but now I like it quite a lot. Whereas several months ago I would have much preferred Atticus to Archer, now I like Archer a lot more.
    Beckett/ Bennett- Not a fan of either. Beckett sounds like a LN to me. And I'm not such a fan of the 'Ben' names.
    Cassian/ Cassius- Great names! Amongst my favorite names! Ancient, strong and noble.

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