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    That is part of why am willing to remain 10 lbs over my pre-baby weight. My lifestyle and by body shape (yay I finally got boobs!) were different than and I'm ok with that. Breast feeding is such an annoyingly sedentary activity! But I am a big walker, it just makes sense where I live, and I bought an elliptical, that way I don't have to get to/from a gym, I can just go upstairs when I have some spare time!

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    I can't agree with Blade more. I was more in the underweight category before I got pregnant and gained a whooping 40 lbs during my pregnancy. I nursed DS until he lost interest at 12 months, and during that time I lost 20 lbs, but obviously am still carrying around the extra baby weight. In my case, I have gone from running/working out every day to maybe going on a thirty minute stroll with DS in the stroller.

    It's hard to accept the weight change and accept my new body. I still would love to lose it, but as a full time working momma there is only so many hours in the day ya know? I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself. Set a realistic goal but don't be too hard on yourself. Nutrition and eating clean is a change that you can make outside of working out (since we don't always have time to go to the gym) that will help you feel better. If you aren't ready to stop breastfeeding then don't. I didn't really see that big of a difference in my body (instead of my boobs going back to a normal size) after I stopped.
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    No experience, but I think I would start TTC anyway. Unless you're very, very small framed and have a low weight/size to begin with, 10 lbs isn't very much weight. And after having a child/breastfeeding, a bit of that weight is likely right in your boobs.

    Instead, I'd focus on goals like "make sure I get X amount of exercise each day" and being sure to eat healthy/cut out excess junk food (if you need more calories while breastfeeding, be sure they're healthy). If you lose the weight before getting pregnant, great! If not, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    I would lose it first, personally. You don't want to go into pregnancy *already* feeling bigger than you want to.

    We breastfed exclusively and I echo the sentiments of a previous poster - didn't do much for weight loss for me at all. I don't doubt that it burns calories, but bodies aren't stupid. If you are burning more calories than usual your body adjusts so that you are hungrier than usual!

    We will be TTC soon - one of the things I knew I wanted to do was lose the baby weight from bub #1 before bub #2. I used to run a lot and stopped because of morning sickness. It took me 2 years to get back into it! This time I really want to stay active throughout the pregnancy.
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