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    10 lbs over my goal weight. TTC or work till I lose it all?

    Ok...I am not over weight, but I am at the top of my weight for height & being small boned, I find the maximum average to be high for me. I am 20lbs over what I was prior to having my daughter, but I am content with only losing 10 more lbs. These 20 lbs have not budged I think due to nursing. I plan on weaning before we start trying anyway so maybe it will fall away?

    My question is, have all of you waited to lose the baby weight from #1 to try for #2? Is letting myself go for these 10 (20!) lbs a big mistake? Did anyone find they lost slower due to nursing despite the propaganda that nursing helps you lose quickly?

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    Well, I actually gained weight at first while I was nursing. And this was when I was exclusively nursing a newborn. It drives me crazy when moms cheerily say, "Oh, I just nursed and all the weight plus some fell off in a couple months!" Ha! That being said, I lost a little weight when my son started some solids, and a little more when I weaned him at 17 months, but not a huge amount. I did not lose all his baby weight before getting pregnant with this one, and thus far I've been fine. I am definitely overweight, and PCOS doesn't help that, but all my tests have been normal and this pregnancy has been very healthy (if uncomfortable). I think you would be just fine TTC before you lose those 10 pounds, but that is of course up to you. Good luck!
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    I have no personal experience w. this BUT I do think that the idea that nursing makes all women lose the baby weight quickly is a myth. I am just going by the experience of friends. Most of my friends lost most of the baby weight quickly and then could not lose the last few pounds until they weaned. A few of my mom friends could not keep weight on while nursing and looked alarmingly emaciated. And then quite a few of them could not lose any weight at all until they weaned. My point here is that all women react differently to breastfeeding. I would not be surprised if you were able to lose the rest of the weight quickly once you wean.

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    I hate feeling like the weight is holding me back from baby #2, but I also don't want to bury myself under it one baby at a time! I guess I can wean & work out harder & give myself 4 months. That seems like a good amount of time to lose in a healthful way.

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    I think the biggest change is not lactation (which, when done exclusively, requires between 300 and 500 calories a day-- that's the amount of energy in the breastmilk itself which your newborn consumes, and that amount goes up as the child grows and needs more milk), but rather the huge lifestyle change. I have become orders of magnitude more sedentary than I was before having a child. No more marathons for me; I used to run almost 50 miles a week, and now literally push a stroller maybe half a mile every few days. I can't imagine I'm any different than most women with young children.
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