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    Once Upon a Time BNG

    I seriously love this show right now! If you aren't caught up and don't watch religiously, then there might be spoilers!

    Son #1: FN; Favorite Character

    Regina/Evil Queen: Raymond
    Mary Margaret/Snow White: Giancarlo
    David/Prince Charming: Leon
    Emma: Weston
    Other: Crispin

    MN; Favorite Villian

    Captain Hook: Miles
    Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold: Willis
    Cora: Owen
    Regina: Wayne
    Tamara and Owen: Travis

    Daughter #1: FN; Favorite Hero

    Prince Charming: Kylie
    Snow: Esther
    Emma: Gemma
    Henry: Gloria

    MN; Saddest Death

    Cora: Noelle
    August/Pinocchio: Sage
    Sheriff Graham: Sadie
    Other: Eliza

    Son #2: FN; Biggest Surprise

    Neal is Baelfire: Terrence
    Belle being locked up in the hospital (Season 1): Theodore
    Regina 'killing' Cora: Lawrence
    Frankenstein bringing Regina's love back to life: George
    Other: Damien

    MN; Best Storybrooke Alter-Ego

    Regina as the Mayor: Samuel
    Mr. Gold as the Pawn Shop Owner: Howard
    Belle as Lacey: Desi
    Snow as the teacher: Lucas
    Other: Malcolm

    Daughter #2: FN; Which Queen/Princess do you want to see next on the show?

    Ariel (Little Mermaid): Ursula
    Jasmine (Aladdin): Lilith
    Pocahontas: Leilani
    Merida (Brave): Reina
    Rapunzel: Julie
    Tiana (The Princess and the Frog): Katya
    Fiona (Shrek): Luna

    MN; Favorite Land

    Storybrooke: Blythe
    Neverland: Sapphire
    Wonderland: Pearl
    New York: Clover
    Enchanted Forest/Where almost everyone originates: Violet

    My answers:
    Raymond Miles
    Gemma Sage
    Terrence Desi
    Leilani Sapphire
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