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    Strange associations?

    Okay, so I LOVE the name Reuben. I think it's sweet, adorable, unique yet not out of the park strange, and just a tad vintage. The thing is, I'm a little worried people's first reactions to the name will be, "Like the sandwich?"
    So I guess really what I'm wondering is if it makes any of you think of the sandwich, or if the name holds its own and separates itself?

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    I do think of the sandwich and the American Idol guy, but I also think of a super cute little boy that my sister used to nanny for. I think that it has it's associations, but a little boy could make it his own. I've given up some names because of associations that are too strong for me personally. Ex. Allegra= allergy meds

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    I've never heard of a Rueben sandwich, but then i'm not American so that could be why... I think it's a lovely name.
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    I wouldn't have thought of the sandwich if you hadn't brought it up. But then again, I've never personally had a Reuben sandwich--though I did know they existed. Maybe if they were a favorite food of mine I would be more likely to associate the name with them. Even so, the name has a strong history beyond the sandwich, and I don't think the association should stop you from using it. If people did think of the sandwich upon meeting your son Reuben, they would only do so a few times before the association faded in their minds. Soon enough they would think only of your son upon hearing the name.

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    It make me think of my cousin... who is a bit of an weirdo... most of his day consists of smoking weed and watching porn in his parents basement... So unfortunately that my association...

    But the name isn't bad.. and really who orders a rueben anymore!??
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