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    Do these middle names work?

    Do these middle names go well with the first names? Suggestions welcome!

    Elisabeth Kate
    Cassandra Vivienne
    Charlotte Lorraine
    Catalina Lucy
    Rosalie ???????? (suggestions?)
    Anneliese Scarlett
    Mackinley Alice
    Abbigail Mackenna
    Annabel Grace
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    Elisabeth Kate- Very pretty but plain.
    Cassandra Vivienne- Lovely, but a mouthful. Cassia Vivienne, perhaps?
    Charlotte Lorraine- Pretty and vintage!
    Catalina Lucy- I like this a lot! So sweet.
    Rosalie ???????? (suggestions?)- Rosalie Pearl, Rosalie Odette, Rosalie Regina, Rosalie Iris, Rosalie Georgia
    Anneliese Scarlett- Hmm, I don't love how the ending of Anneliese blends into Scarlett. Sounds like Anna Lee Scarlett. Annika Scarlett or Anneliese Ruby?
    Mackinley Alice- I kind of like Mackinley Alice. Alice Mackinley would be even better, though.
    Abbigail Mackenna- I prefer the spelling Abigail- a girl named Abbigail will probably get sick of saying, "No, Abbigail with 2 Bs!" The combo itself is okay, but not spectacular.
    Annabel Grace
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    Elisabeth Kate - classic
    Cassandra Vivienne - I agree that this is a little long-- what about Cassandra Vale?
    Charlotte Lorraine - very nice-- this is my favorite on your list
    Catalina Lucy-- for some reason, this is hard to say, maybe Catalina Mae, Catalina Drew instead?
    Rosalie - Rosalie Faith, Rosalie Beth, Rosalie Grace, Rosalie Merit, Rosalie Thais
    Anneliese Scarlett-- I agree that this kind of runs together-- what about Anneliese Marion, Anna Scarlett, Nadia Scarlett, or Annabel Scarlett?
    Abbigail Mackenna-- nms-- I dislike the double B in Abigail (not sure if this was just a typo)-- what about Abigail Marina or Abigail Marjorie instead?
    Annabel Grace-- nice and sweet

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